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Our goal is to breed performance horses with great temperaments, trainability and rideability that will be a partner for life.  We take our time to work with our youngsters building trust with them that leads into a partnership.  Our weaning process isn’t complicated, it’s simple.  Our foals are weaned when they are ready and that’s what makes a difference.

Chloe Newman

I would like to thank you for allowing Kira to have Jembrae Figaro.  He is an amazing horse who can make all her dreams as a dressage rider come true.  He has amazed us so much with his two outings already, scoring over 70 % in his tests.  He always tries so hard and is so willing. Coming from the show ring to dressage is a learning curb for Kira and Finny is helping Kira to achieve this.

Kira Newman

I love Finny.  He is not only a dressage horse he is part of the family.  Words can not explain how much I love him, he loves cuddles and kisses and every time I go into his paddock he is there following me. Every time I ride him he always tries his best.  Thank you Jembrae Warmbloods, Fin is the best horse I could ask for.

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Kirsten Costello

Looking for my first warmblood, I never expected to be able to find a horse of Jembrae First Fareess's quality. By the amazing Grand Prix stallion Fishermans Friend, he has perfect temperament for on going dressage training, a great personality and 3 lovely paces.  Sunny is out of the wonderful Thoroughbred mare, Jembrae Sophie. 

I would like to thank Jeannine Brown of Jembrae Warmbloods, for being so accommodating and enthusiastic about my future career with Sunny.
I have had sunny for 10 weeks and he is proving to be just as trainable as Jeannine said he would be, even placing at his first dressage competition after only having been with me for 2 weeks! 

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Julie de Visser

“I would like to thank Jembrae Warmbloods on the preparation of the weanling "Jembrae Limited Edition" that I recently purchased from them. It was a delight to have a 6 month old horse that had all the basics for handling, leading and floating already instilled. The "passport" I received with "Jem" provided great peace of mind knowing his full vaccination and worming history was up to date and recorded”. 

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